Our life and actions reflect what our absolute is:

Our life and actions reflect what our absolute is:

I am reevaluating the choices I make and why I make them.

Monday must be my day to blog, it’s the day after Sunday, the day we go to church to hear the Word and how it applies to our life and then we must choose what we will do with what we hear.

Though something deep inside me was checked yesterday during the sermons. What stood out to me was this thought that our actions reflect what are absolute is, so simple but truly incredible. This statement was like a flashlight being scanned over my heart and what I value what I am giving my time and energy too what I am pursuing shows the driving force behind me.

I find that if someone did take a look these past few weeks I had been gobbled up with the desire of “gaining” followers of my blog/twitter.  In the process of clicking other bloggers/twitters to follow it came to me that who we follow reflects something about ourselves. I remember this check I had about one person I followed, but put it aside, …but it all comes out, one person I followed went to a gathering of other bloggers and she mentioned the new people she meet were like they had always known each other… because this other blogger used a curse word right off, another thing was people with an alternative life style. I don’t care if I have zero followers but I would much rather not be seen or choosing to associate and follow those sorts of blogs, the food they make might taste good, but I don’t want to open myself up to that type of social influence. I want my heart to be pure and I am thankful for a God who seeks out to protect us from what we might not see right away, but He is patient.