Ps: Today is the first day of my last semester..

Today is the first day of my last semester for my Bachelor of Science degree in dietetics.  I didn’t know I would be on this path 5 years ago, but God did, and I am thankful for this path that I have taken, also thankful for all my parents support and my loving husbands endless help, love, and encouragement to continue on with my degree. So I am hoping by God’s grace to finish strong this semester, but not only finish strong in school but in life, I want to live a laid down life where he can live through me more.


Hello world!

hap-py _ feeling or showing pleasure or contentment

Here it goes… Life right now:

I am currently in the last leg of finishing my Bachelor of Science degree in dietetics, approximately 3 months to the finish line. Amongst all the studying, I am also a brand new wife, I married to my best this past spring. As a wife, I’ve taken on a new roll of planning and making suppers. I find my true love for cooking spouts around the time I’m concocting of the evening meal and choosing what spices to put together. This blog will be about my thoughts on nutrition topics, the dishes I make, menu ideas, decorating, daily living, my struggles, and God’s Grace.