For a rainy day…. Ginger Butternut Squash Soup

It had been drizzling most of the day…

This photo reminds me of The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher

With it being overcast & rainy what a better way to warm the body then some soup. A butternut squash soup, with chicken bone broth, ginger, carrots, a few potatoes and spices.

The inspiration for this soup came about a week prior, I came across the blog, Pursuit of Happiness, and I am so glad I did. This recipe she posted is wonderful. Here is the Recipe that inspired me. Thank you PofH for the inspiration.

I had to make a few minor changes due to not having all the ingredients, and when I went back and read her ingredient list, I realized she called for curry powder and I used cumin powder ( must have been craving cumin because I totally thought that’s how it read the first time). The soup was wonderful, warming, and delicious.

My Photo Recipe:

It Has Arrived!!

My favorite time of year…

Last evening I cooked an heirloom acorn squash, deer burger, and turnip greens. I was delicious! I love fall, the nights are beginning to have a slight crisp, the trees are beginning to push out the green and show the beautiful reds and oranges beneath, pie baking, and Thanksgiving.

I find Fall to be a very special time in my life…

Gluten-free Quiche with Deer Sausage & Red Potatoes

Last weekend we went camping and upon our return we had an ample supply of fresh eggs from our birds.

Quiche was on my mind and being gluten-free I went about looking up a few recipes; I was inspired by someone using a potato crust.

As I put the deer sausage into brown…it smelt so good, though had a hint of green bell pepper, though after it cooked a little I noticed it was red pepper flakes, it turned out delicious.

Enjoy my inclination towards food:

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All photos were taken by… me*

Where I found the potatoes crust:

Catching up

 Hello Blogging World,

Just a quick update – my computer took a dive to a blotchy blue screen world all because of some virus I picked up, probably from some site or forum involving surveys. Taking survey’s for cash is a whole other subject, but in short, it’s not worth it. I tried doing it for a few weeks awhile back, and really, I feel like ones time can be spent more wisely then trying to earn 15 to 75 cents every twenty minutes. Oh well, enough about that, just wanted to let you know I am back, and it was one of my friend’s techy husband and my brilliant husband who got things working again. Lots has also happened this past month.. but I’ll fill you all in later, right now I have some black beans cooking and I am trying to materialize a yummy supper in my head. Until Next time…