A new blog, or just a new layout..

Hello… I am back again. I have been away… and then it’s so hard to post again. I have been contemplating starting a new blog using a web host, seems like so much more you can do using a web host & wordpress.org…. like plugins. I would love to use plugins. The other thing that’s been on my mind, is my blog a food blog? If so, it’d be gluten free, or is it a craft hobby blog, an online journal… a picture blog? Or can it just be… me, what I enjoy, like, and want to share with you. Maybe everything I write won’t be Happy! or about Wifely things, though I completely love being a wife! Or be about food… though there is something inside me that loves taking pictures of what I make, it’s like my own cookbook, which actually might happen someday… Or I might not also share my hobbies… because they ever change but completing hobbies brings me joy, it is in photography and hobbies that I feel like I best express myself. I begin again… to write… to share… and to blog. Come join me in his journey of life…
Today I was more emotional this mid-morning, sore from who knows what… but instead of letting that build inside me. I started working on one of my favorite hobbies… my garden, well it’s an “our” garden, but today it felt good to let it be mine for the early afternoon and go pull out the weeds…I think we have really good soil this year!